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Why Should I Train My Dog With The Professionals At Citizen Canine?

Like humans, dogs learn and engage in behavior best when activity is stimulating, rewarding and enriching to them. Their dog training services tailor to the personality of each individual dog when teaching socialization and command skills that involve interacting with humans and other dogs.

Tricks, Commands and Behaviors

Tricks and behaviors are taught one on one with professional staff personal during doggie day care. Beginning lessons include the basics such as sit, stay, leash walking, and recall. After they have mastered the simpler lessons they are gradually taught fun and more advanced lessons that include twirling, playing dead, rolling over, paw shakes, leaving items alone, paw waving and other useful skills.

Socialization and Fun

The other important part of their lessons is balanced with play, fun, exercise and interactive social skills. Dogs that are proven to be well socialized and responsive to basic training are eligible to be taken out to the park for adventure hikes. The trails are specifically selected for providing the most safety, exercise and stimulation for your pet. The 90 minute hikes are around hills and open fields that are full with grass and interesting smells. The quality time spent during adventure hikes is a more wholesome and enriching dog training experience than ordinary dog parks and walks.
Overnight Boarding

The facilities have a playpen that is over 6,000 square feet for your dog to run and play with other dogs. There is plenty of covered shade, K9 grass that is gentle on dog’s joints, and a doggie pool. Dogs that stay overnight are taken out at least twice a day for quality play and socialization time. Their quarters are spacious with clean water and furnished with a raised bed. Depending on your dog’s nutritional needs, they are fed up to three prepared meals a day. Naps are encouraged to keep them energized and well rested between bathroom breaks and play time.

Ultimately, Citizen Canine is far different from the average dog training center. Their highly trained staff members are top experts who pay special attention the details of your pet’s personality, behavioral instincts, comfort and emotional needs. They use the successful teaching methods developed by Dr. Ian Dunbar, who encourages a positive approach to dog training over disciplinary tactics.