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Winter Travel: Don’t Leave Your Pup Lonely

The holidays have cleared your schedule and you’re ready to take off for a relaxing weekend of skiing, massage, hot tubs, and escape. You deserve it. You also know there is a slight feeling of guilt leaving your beloved and faithful dog behind.

There is no reason to feel guilt. Dog boarding in Oakland is easy. Moreover, dog boarding in Oakland will provide your pet with companionship, the most important aspect of a dog’s life. Finding the right place to board, you should keep in mind what your pup will do all day.

Peace of Mind For You and Her
It isn’t good for the health of your animal (or your peace of mind while soaking in lavender) with the dog alone in a small space with only a few minutes of sunlight and companionship each day. Why shouldn’t she have the same experience you give her day after day? Or even better, how about her own vacation? Vets without fail notice healthier attitudes in dogs who have frequent companionship among fellow canines. If the point of your travel is to relax, it isn’t an option to not know your pup is well cared for.

While you’re getting fresh air, so can she. Boarding options today are more far reaching than ever, with almost nothing off limits. Ample nature hikes, outside play time, and loads of sunny running room provide your pet with all the healthy options she could want. At night, your dog boarding options will provide her with a comfortable sleeping experience. After a healthy dinner according to the diet you choose, and an evening run with new friends, raised beds and private quiet rooms will help her sleep sound, dreaming only of seeing you walk back through the door.

There is nothing equal to piece of mind for all when a weekend vacation is in order. Be sure pup is well taken care of, for you both.