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Your Pup Will Howl with Joy at Citizen Canine Dog Daycare

Going on a long trip? Work long hours? Take your dog to Citizen Canine for his or her home away from home! Your pup will be spoiled with the best care and a balanced regime for the ultimate dog daycare experience. Citizen Canine has the highest staff-to-dog ratio in the Bay Area which allows your pup to have ample attention while you are away. Playtime activities and rest are planned throughout the day and play groups are arranged by size, age and temperment. All of the employees are Certified Pet Care Technologists (CPCT) and are CPR certified which puts your pup in the best hands if the unexpected happens.

Not only does Citizen Canine provide dog daycare, the staff will help train your dog while you are away. Participate in Puppy Prep School and get the new little one in your life well behaved in a snap. For those hyper-spirited pups, Bow Wow Bootcamp is the ultimate behavioral program. Both training sessions incorporates coaching or take home information so your guy or gal can thrive when finished with the program.

If you want extra attention for your pup while you’re away, Citizen Canine will provide that too! Give your doggie a spa like experience with a T-Touch Massage. This is perfect for the boarder who has extreme seperation anxiety or the old timer with arthritic joints. Have a dog who loves to go, go, go? Your pup will benefit from extra playtime to burn that enegry and have some extra fun. Each pup gets a program tailered to his or her personality so boarding feels like a mini vacation — your pup will love to come back again and again!

Citizen Canine takes the stress out of dog daycare and replaces it with fun! The staff truely cares about your best friend and it will show all over your pups face.